Our Chimney Sweeping Service

Modern chimney sweeping is a clean and efficient process that involves the safe removal of soot and creosote from the inside of the chimney that builds up as a result of burning solid fuels such as wood and coal.

On arrival at your home a visual inspection of the chimney stack, pots and terminals will be carried out to check for any defects, incorrect terminals or obstructions to the terminal such as television aerials.

Any delicate or valuable articles kept on or around the fireplace should ideally be removed prior to our arrival and we would be grateful if any ash and fuel could be removed from the fireplace but other than that no preparation is required.

The fire opening is then blocked and protective sheeting is placed in front of the fireplace and on any nearby furniture to ensure your room is left as it was found.

Once the room has been prepared an inspection of the appliance/fire grate and flue will be carried out followed by an up-draft test to ensure there is sufficient draw for smoke testing. The chimney will then be swept using either traditional brushes and rods or with rotary power sweeping equipment and any soot or other deposits removed with a specifically designed HEPA filtered industrial vacuum cleaner. After this we will carry out a smoke evacuation check to ensure all smoke is safely emitted from a single terminal on the chimney stack and there is no leakage.

A certificate will then be issued to state that your flue has been swept in accordance with the Industry Standard National Code Of Practice For Chimney Sweeps by a fully qualified NACS chimney sweep.

Power sweeping brush head coming out of an open chimney
Traditional chimney sweep