Methods & Equipment

Black Cat Chimneys only use high quality equipment when sweeping your chimney, whether brushing manually or using rotary power sweeping equipment. We carry a wide variety of brushes which fit most domestic chimneys and flue liners along with the appropriate tools for unblocking more stubborn deposits or bird and vermin nests.





















power sweeping equipment used by Black Cat Chimneys
Traditional brush & rod set
A selection of traditional brush heads for different sized chimneys
Traditional brush coming out of an open chimney pot

Rotary power sweeping is a relatively new and very effective method of chimney sweeping, connectable rods are fed up the chimney in the same way as described above but are then attached to a cordless drill. The brush head is made up of nylon strands which are spun by the drill throughout the length of the flue removing all soot and debris on the way down, chains can also be used in place of the nylon brush head in order to remove more stubborn creosote build ups. Black Cat Chimneys use Snaplok which is 2015 award winning, industry and sweeping association  approved rotary power sweep equipment.

The traditional brush and rod method of sweeping is still the most common used today. The appropriate sized brush is attached to inter-connectable rods and fed up the chimney through a specifically designed dust sheet, the brush head is passed through the entire length of the flue a minimum of four times and all soot and any other deposits are removed with an industrial vacuum cleaner.

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